Libby Balch
13th May


Thoughts on eternity (on Monday?!?)

“You are becoming today what you will be for all eternity.”  My pastor said that yesterday in church.  What a simple, yet profound thought.  It grabbed at me and tugged at me all day yesterday, and today, it still does.  I am reminded this morning that life is fragile, a sweet gift to be savored, not squandered on meaningless stuff that doesn’t last a life time.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never watch House Hunters International again, but it means I’ll try to keep eternity in mind again today as I do my work (which I love – what a privilege that He uses even sinful me as His tool!); as I enjoy the smell of newly cut grass and the birds singing outside my window; as I think of and pray for the needs of my family (especially for those who are mourning, even as some celebrate new life – if that’s not eternity, what is?) and for His kingdom to envelope this broken world where there are multitudes of hungry, hurting people; as I gratefully finish a minor dental procedure today that could have had major implications had I not been living in this age; as I love others I meet today with the love of Jesus; as I ask the Lord to remind me that each thought, each word, each action, all day and into the evening, leads me to an eternity that begins today, and extends for this life (how many years?) and into the next one.  It’s more than I can take in and reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:11, “… He has set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom what God has done…”  It is so much more than I can take in this Monday morning, but I’ll try.

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