“When I first met you I wanted validations for my thoughts and actions.  With your encouragement and guidance, I learned to self-reflect, to finally understand who I am … and even more, “why” I am.  I feel so empowered now with the tools you’ve shared with me.  I can honestly say I have greater patience and faith in my marriage, as well as with my relationships with friends and family.  Libby, you have found me and now I see.  You’ve changed my life forever, and I’ll be eternally grateful for your gift to counsel struggling souls…”

“Long after I am just another name on a file in your office, I will still remember you with fondness and gratitude.  I came to you a broken, wounded soul and you guided me through what had to have been the second worse time of my life…. I have no doubt that God brought you into my life for a very specific purpose of helping me to heal all those wounds.  You pushed me when I needed to be pushed.  You sat quietly and listened to me rant.  When I could not find words to speak, you would speak gentle words of comfort…  With you I felt secure …. I could finally release all the ugliness and pain and not be afraid.  You encouraged me to leave all the bad stuff with you, so that I could function for another week.  I too am a clinician and I can tell when someone has a gift and a passion for what they do ….  you have that gift.”

“Libby, I am so grateful for you!  I am so very thankful for your use of God’s gifts, talents and expertise to help guide me through my depression.  You’ve provided guidance through your active listening and redirection to me.”