Libby Balch
17th Mar


Shattered Dreams: God’s Unexpected Path to Joy, by Larry Crabb

“Shattered dreams,” writes Dr. Larry Crabb, “are never random.  They are always a piece in a larger puzzle, a chapter in a larger story.  The Holy Spirit uses the pain of shattered dreams to help us discover our desire for God, to help us begin dreaming the highest dream.”

If you want neatly packaged answers about suffering, this is not the book to read!  Larry Crabb, a writer and counselor, looks at this challenging truth in an honest and compassionate way and from personal experience with the journey of suffering.  He does this through the story of Naomi in the Old Testament book of Ruth.  Though this story is about a woman, men find this book helpful, also.  In my experience counseling people who are grieving a loss of some kind, making sense of what God is doing is very difficult; this book speaks directly and compellingly to this issue.

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